Tokyo, Japan 2016: SHINee JAT 2016 Concert + Spring in Tokyo

I came back to Japan last spring for SHINee’s JAT concert. Luckily, the dates for the Tokyo stop coincided with lent so I had a chance to stay there for few more days and maximize my visit… well, maximize fangirling rather since I was there for all the days of their concerts in Yoyogi to buy concert goods xD


March 24 – Thu (Arrival)

Travel from Narita to Shinjuku or any destination in Tokyo has always been easy for me. You could either chose riding the train or their limousine bus. I always choose the latter since it’s very convenient to just ride a bus to your destination especially if you have a huge luggage with you. Saves you the hassle of bringing it every time you transfer trains, as well.

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Japan 2014: Exploring Sapporo and Tokyo (Part 1)

For my first travel entry on this blog, I will be sharing my first ever (definitely not the last) trip to the land of the rising sun, Japan… As I’ve said on my previous post and probably you will notice in my latter blogs, that I usually combine fangirling and traveling. That is, attending concerts while enjoying the sceneries and delicacies of a foreign land.

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