Osaka-Kobe 2016 + Kyocera Dome DxDxD Concert

This was already my second time in Kansai region, so I’ve decided to have my own detour at Kobe for this travel since I haven’t visited that city yet. Kyoto is a must-visit when you are in Japan’s Kansai region but since I’ve already been there last autumn, I decided to forgo even though there is still so much to explore.


May 13 – Arrival

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Product Review: Flytpack Travel Wi-Fi

Every time I am travelling abroad, I always seek help from google maps and other transportation-related apps (e.g., Hyperdia, Subway-Kr, MTR-HK). Google maps has been very reliable for me so far that I keep on checking on it every time I am roaming around a foreign country. But navigating these applications requires you to be connected to the internet otherwise you may not know where exactly are you and if you are indeed going to the right place. You may take the risk of just looking for public wifi everywhere or – the more convenient one – just rent one for your sole use.

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Japan 2014: Exploring Sapporo and Tokyo (Part 2)

If last time we toured around Sapporo, this part will be mostly about Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Tokyo is probably one of the famous cities around the world. With its advance technologies, clean surroundings and responsible citizens, no doubt it is one of the best cities, as well.

And since this is our first time in Tokyo, we wanted to make the most out of it. That is, excluding the all-day stay in famous theme parks on our itinerary that could eat most of our time. Our plan: to be able to visit as many famous sites as possible!

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