How to be an official member of SHINee World J (SWJ) + How to Make a Japanese Tickebo Account

Since I have been receiving a lot of questions and request on how to be a member of SWJ, I decided to make this post about it. ^^


Basically, you need to have a Japanese address first. You could either ask a friend in Japan who will lend you an address (which I did) or, as what commonly others do, obtain a Tenso address. You need this for both the accounts you will be making esp for SWJ since they will be sending most of the free stuff in this address and they do not deliver internationally.


Then, next is to make your Japanese tickebo…


How to Make a Japanese Tickebo Account:

  • Then you need to fill-out this page for your information. Translation also provided below.

*Put your surname first, then your given name, no spaces. If you don’t have a Japanese name, make sure that you change the setting of your keyboard to full-width characters. Or you can just try online converters from normal width to half width. will not accept if the English characters are not in full-width. For the converter, this is the site I used.

**for converting your English names into kana, you can use this site.

***For the email address you will use in this account, make sure that you haven’t used that email address in tickebo’s English site.

****if you are using the address of your friend in Japan, you can ask her to lend her number as well, or you can randomly put any number here (well aside from the area code which is 080). There haven’t been an instance that they sent something to one’s number so I guess its okay to just put anything here

*****if you are using a tenso address, this is where you will put your tenso account number (TSXXXXXX転送コム)

******List of nature of occupations in drop down list: Office Employee, Professional (teacher, lawyer, etc), Managerial, Commerce and Industry, Agricultural Forestry and Fishing, Free Lance Artist, Part-time Job, Junior High School Student  or Under, High School or College Student, Graduate School Student, Houswife/husband, Others, Unemployed

  • After clicking the register button, it will revert you back to the page where you entered your info. If there are no additional errors or wrong input, only the message below will appear saying that the given name (first two lines), birth date, and gender should be entered correctly as it cannot be change once registered.


  • The next page will be just confirmation of your info provided. Make sure all are correct then click the right button to proceed with the registration


  • A page will appear saying your registration has already been completed and you have to verify your registration by accessing the link sent to your email. You need to validate within 24hours otherwise your account will be invalid.


  • After you clicked the link sent to your registered email, a message saying your registration has been successfully completed will appear.


  • And Voila! You already now have your account in! ^^/



How to be an official member of SHINee World J (SWJ)


  • After clicking the join the fanclub button you will see the next page below, stating the initial membership fees (5,200jpy for the membership, which is also the same amount as renewal, 1,000jpy for the identification card which you only pay once and the system fee of 280jpy). Click the button to continue to membership and then click the ‘agree on terms and agreements’ button on the succeeding page.
  • Then fill in the details needed on the registration page ( I suggest you just copy-paste the information from tickebo site… less hassle ^^v)
  • The next page will still be on the registration page with a message confirming your details. Make sure to put everything correctly because, same as in tickebo, your name (both English and kana), birthdate and gender cannot be edited once registered.


  • Then you have to choose your mode of payment (either through credit card or convenient store payment; I only have tried the former so the next instructions will be about paying through credit card). Click the black button below to confirm your mode of payment for the membership.
  • Put your credit card details on the next page.


  • Then you’ll receive this message once you’re payment has been made


  • An email will then also be sent to you after registration… and fin~ welcome to the club! ^^

You may have to wait for a month or so for them to deliver your membership ID to the address you used. I hope this blog will be helpful to you, guys! Good luck with signing in, my potential SWJ co-members! :)))














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  2. For the address part, it says “if there is no address, please enter none” on google translate. I’m using a tenso address do I not put the whole address tenso gives me in that box? Or do I just put the tenso account number into the apartment box and put “none” for the address box? Thank you.

  3. Hi! I will be attending SHINee’s upcoming concert at Tokyo Dome, and I’m thinking of signing up for SWJ. My membership card will probably not arrive in time for the concert, do you think I can just show my fc membership number to purchase any SWJ-limited goods at the venue (if they will be selling them)?

  4. Hello! I just would like to ask, my friend who is a SWJ member has an extra ticket for the Dome con and will give it to me, its okay that I only make an English Tickebo account right (I’m not a SWJ member)? She can transfer the ticket to my English account? Thank you in advance! 🙂

  5. I am not sure what to do – ticketbo always tells me to put my name in full width katakana (i have converted it with multiple different converters, it never helps) and tells me the phone number is wrong…(it is the one tenso gave me) 😦 I just really wanted to go see Taemin 😥

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