Tokyo, Japan 2016: SHINee JAT 2016 Concert + Spring in Tokyo

I came back to Japan last spring for SHINee’s JAT concert. Luckily, the dates for the Tokyo stop coincided with lent so I had a chance to stay there for few more days and maximize my visit… well, maximize fangirling rather since I was there for all the days of their concerts in Yoyogi to buy concert goods xD


March 24 – Thu (Arrival)

Travel from Narita to Shinjuku or any destination in Tokyo has always been easy for me. You could either chose riding the train or their limousine bus. I always choose the latter since it’s very convenient to just ride a bus to your destination especially if you have a huge luggage with you. Saves you the hassle of bringing it every time you transfer trains, as well.

You could check their routes and prices here:


I arrived past lunch time in Shinjuku where I was supposed to meet my friend who is living in Tokyo. Since its spring, guess what did I do for my first activity? You got it right; We went to see some cherry blossoms (or Sakura in Japanese). And since we were already in Shinjuku, there is no place better than the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.


As super fangirl as I may be, I asked my friend to bring me to Rainbow Pancake. Remember that one Arashi ni Shiyagare episode where Jun had to disguised himself as a girl and pretend to work at a restaurant? Rainbow pancake is that place! lol…

Me and my friend ate these specialty pancakes. Hers was a pancake with salmon and avocado and mine was fruits with sweet cream. You will even be surprised how salmon and avocado tastes great with their fluffy pancakes…. 超おいしい!

After our visit at the park, we went to Yoyogi to buy some goods. It’s the first day of concert then and since it’s a weekday, the queue isn’t that horrible.


Tada! My concert hauls!

We went to Shibuya for dinner. My Tokyo visit this time would not be complete without visiting any themed café in the one of the busiest streets of Japan. Lucky enough, Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE Café is still operating then so I really insisted to my friend that we go there. Yep, if you are familiar with that guy-version-of-sailormoon anime, this café was themed after that… We went without making reservations. Good thing there weren’t many people queuing to get inside.

Inside the cafe


My orders~ Curry rice (since Atsushi is my fave member of the LOVE club) and bubble gum lemonade.



My free Atsushi placemat!


March 25 – Fri

The concert day!


Our travel from the place we were staying to Yoyogi was not that smooth as we expected it to be. The nearest subway station near our area had some technical problems and we had to take other modes of transportation.


We arrived around 9am at Yoyogi with this queue for concert goods T^T


Below are my additional hauls for D2! Except for that Japanese language textbook which was given to me by my friend ^^



Got this freebie for renewing my membership at the venue!

Me, getting ready for the concert with my DIY uchiwa!


Congratulatory flowers from SHINee various entertainment companies…


Our Pearl Aqua Ocean!


I know its veeeeeeeeery bad to take pictures but I want to capture something as a memorabilia of attending the concert. Sorry, Staff-san (_ _)


After concert dinner! (I was only able to take a pic of the dessert though xD coz we’re too hungry to even bother take a pic of our main dish lol)


March 26 – Sat

We woke up super late because our body was aching xD well, post-concert physical aches haha… Then we had our lunch at SHINee restaurant! You can check on my previous blog here for more details!


We went again to Yoyogi to buy more goods.. just for a few hours… Then went to Shibuya and buy those souvenir Starbucks tumblers for a friend.


We roam again around the busy streets of Shibuya, had a dinner at a buffet desserts and pasta place (I just forgot the name of the restaurant though xD)


Since its spring, I cannot let the chance pass and not try some sakura stuff, ain’t I? :3


March 26 – Sat (Departure)

 My last day in Tokyo was very well spent. And probably one of the most memorable so far…


Me and my friend went to Chiba…! To Chinese House Keikarou… yes, Aiba Masaki’s family restaurant!


The travel to Chiba was very long though xD I wasn’t expecting it to be that long that I even slept on almost our entire train ride! One thing I wasn’t expecting as well was the long line outside the restaurant. We only queued for a couple of minutes and then suddenly, a staff went outside and put a sign that they will stop accepting guests for lunch. T^T  good thing I thought of asking if they serve take-out orders. I cannot just be there and not at least try their food, even if I don’t eat it inside their restaurant.


So my friend and I asked the person in the counter if we could order for take-out. The lady said we could just come back for dinner but my friend told her that it was my last day in Japan and I’m going home that night. The lady even asked from where am I to which I gladly replied (yes, she speaks English, very good at that). I was so happy that she allowed us to just order for take out. The lady was even sorry that she cannot accommodate us and kindly offered us a cup of tea while waiting for our orders.


After taking our orders, I got the courage to suddenly ask the lady if she is Masaki Aiba’s mom because she really looks like him… even the hair! Imagine my amazement and flailing when she said yes!!! OMG! @_@ I was smiling from ear to ear. She hugged us when we said me and my friend are Arashi fans *^* I just can’t contain how happy I was to know that she is indeed Aiba’s mom. Her son is a famous idol in Japan yet she is so kind. *^*


Me and my friend got back in Shinjuku just before my bus schedule to Narita Airport… left the land of the rising sun with the desire to come back there again~ :3







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