Product Review: Flytpack Travel Wi-Fi

Every time I am travelling abroad, I always seek help from google maps and other transportation-related apps (e.g., Hyperdia, Subway-Kr, MTR-HK). Google maps has been very reliable for me so far that I keep on checking on it every time I am roaming around a foreign country. But navigating these applications requires you to be connected to the internet otherwise you may not know where exactly are you and if you are indeed going to the right place. You may take the risk of just looking for public wifi everywhere or – the more convenient one – just rent one for your sole use.

There are lot of wifi renting site per country on the internet, but I am always looking for one without security deposit or if they have (and I can’t find one that doesn’t), it’s not expensive. I was always skeptic when it comes to paying huge amount of deposit for the wifi especially if the rental company is based abroad, hence, it will be harder to communicate just in case there will be problems in refunding the deposit.


For the countries I frequent to, like Japan and Korea, I have specific sites where I rent my wifi, both have no deposits, great coverage and with lower (lowest) rates. But with other countries, I am finding it hard to look for one. Then I find out about ‘Flytpack’.


They have the most competitive rates, easiest reservation process and cheap deposit. Their covered countries and their respective rates are as follows:



I already tried their modem in HongKong and Taiwan, its reliable in both countries so far. You don’t have to worry if the device would last for a day too because its capacity is around 5,000mah. You can even use it as power bank and I sometimes charge my device every other day.


The entire package contains the pouch, a simple instruction how to use the device, the modem itself, a universal adaptor, and a cable.


For reservations, you may fill up their order for on their site (, key in all the details they require. Make sure to put there the correct dates of your stay in another country. Also, I suggest you make the reservations five working days before your flight so as to make sure it arrives on time. There are two ways to get the modem: my collecting the package in their kiosk at NAIA Terminal 3 Departure Area within their office hours (in front of PAL Office, after the tax payment counters) or by having it delivered on your home. Those as well are the ways to return the wifi. Don’t worry if you’re arriving late, you can just drop the entire package in their drop off section also located at the left side of their kiosk.


Does it have a data limit? Well, yes. Around 1GB. I think most of wifi rental are covered with the fair usage policy anyway. But 1GB worth of data is too much esp if you are only using it for navigation, accessing sns, or even checking emails. It’s not like you are going to use it for massive downloading xD


The deposit per device is P2,800, not bad considering their affordable rates. It will be returned around five to seven banking days after they receive the WiFi package from you (based from my experience, sometimes it will be even more than seven days). In case you have to follow them up on your deposit, you can contact them thru Viber, email or thru the chatbox on their website. Though I suggest you make follow up if you haven’t received any updates on the 5th banking day from your return of the device.


Though they need to improve in the refund process of the deposit, all in all I still highly recommend Flytpack. It’s very reliable and cheap plus it saves you from worry if you’ll get lost on your trip, as well as from the expensive cost of data roaming…







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