SHINee-Themed Restaurant in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo

If you know me personally, read my fangirl musings in this blog or seen my twitter or facebook feeds for a while, you’ll definitely know I’m a ShaWol, short for SHINee World, the official fanclub name of SHINee. Yes, I’ve been their fan for quite some time now (since 2011). I don’t generally like anything KPop, just SHINee. I even had this prejudice with Kpop at first that they are just group of pretty faces without talent. Well, SHINee proved me damn wrong…


And with that… for every travel I did, I make sure I visit something SHINee-related.

I saw this SHINee-themed restaurant on twitter from Japanese fans, and asked my friend if we could go there during my first visit in Tokyo last 2014. We even celebrated Jinki’s birthday on that place. Who would have thought my first visit will be followed by another and another (so far, I’ve visited the place for 3 consecutive years xD).


This SHINee-themed restaurant, also known as ‘Healthy Hanuga’ (their website:, is located in 2nd Floor, 1 Chome 18-10, Haykunincho, Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan 169-0073. See the map below, the place is where the violet star is:


How to get there: Get off at Okubo station, North Exit then turn left. It’s just a few minutes walk from the station and on the left side. After the second block, after you pass by the Family Mart and Matsuya, on your left, you will be able to see the stairway to heaven, uhm, I mean to the SHINee Restaurant as it is filled with SHINee pictures.

01 (7)

Of course, I need to have a picture near Jinki! 😛

It’s usually full during lunch time and every time SHINee has a schedule or concert in Tokyo so I suggest you reserve first before going. You may call them at +81 3-3366-2611. You may even request to put you in the area with lots of SHINee stuff. Just make sure you will be there on time as Japanese are known for being prompt. So if you’re not there, they will have to give your reservation to others and you will have to queue before you can eat.


They still have the TVXQ’s photos on half of the place during my first visit in 2014, but later on, they made it entirely for SHINee.


Once you went in, you’ll see these at the counter/ reception area.

More and more SHINee inside!

Well, I wasn’t the type of fangirl who flails loudly and squeals on every SHINee I see. So I was pretty calm on taking these pictures… and very much alive haha.. But all these made me amazed *heart eyes emoji*

Yes and even the video they play inside are of SHINee!

04 (1)


Was so hyped about eating and watching the videos on screen that these are only the picture of their food that I took. If you are familiar with Samgyupsal + Korean food buffet style, this place is the same. With just JPY1300, you can eat, grill, eat and drink all you can (yes, I typed EAT twice xD). Just make sure you don’t waste food as they will charge you per gram! They have variety of meats to choose from (chicken, beef and pork; with other meat marinated in different varieties as well), you can choose from their selection of greens as well as other spices. They also have most of the most common Korean dish you can think of: Gimbap, Dakgalbi, Honey Garlic Chicken, Tteokbokki, Egg roll, Kimchi, Kimchi Pancake, Japchae, Daeji Bulgogi and a lot more! They have also a lot of refreshments to chose from (from coffee to tea, juice to sodas). Pretty much affordable with the price, right? Value for Money: 5/5 stars! xD


The taste?


Good. 3.5/5-star good. Well, it’s not like the dishes available are the most complex to do. They taste almost the same as the authentic Korean dish, probably except for those involving chilli pastes where it doesn’t taste as spicy as what the authentic one tastes. But that’s okay, since I prefer it not too spicy too.


Lunch time is at 11:30-15:00 while they serve dinner from 17:00-24:00. Of course, you cannot stay until whenever you want as they provide a limit of an hour and a half for a groups’ stay. So make sure to eat and feast with your eyes within the time allotted.


Before we left, I made sure to take closer pictures of the SHINee standees!


07Oops! Sorry! XD


‘Til my next post!







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