Japan 2014: Exploring Sapporo and Tokyo (Part 2)

If last time we toured around Sapporo, this part will be mostly about Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Tokyo is probably one of the famous cities around the world. With its advance technologies, clean surroundings and responsible citizens, no doubt it is one of the best cities, as well.

And since this is our first time in Tokyo, we wanted to make the most out of it. That is, excluding the all-day stay in famous theme parks on our itinerary that could eat most of our time. Our plan: to be able to visit as many famous sites as possible!

As much of a fangirl as we are, first agenda for the morning was to visit the place where Kazunari Ninomiya’s, one of Arashi’s members, shot his latest drama, and that is the area around the Kagurasaka Shrine.

Of course, we also paid our visit to the shrine itself. We also made wishes for the coming year hoping that they will be granted (mind you, mine was granted!)… We didn’t know Ohno and Nino went here before! xD

We were a bit lax during our visit in Kagurasaka. Then, true to our plan, the next places we visited were already within the time as planned. Imagine yourself in Amazing Race where you had to go to a specific place, riding a train on a specific schedule and staying there on a specific number of minutes. That’s how we did this trip… and as a result, we were able to visit so many places in Tokyo and it’s only our first day in the city! The following pictures are the places we’ve been to also on the same day:


Tokyo Dome, one of the prestigious concert venues in Japan


Shin-Okubo, Japan’s Korea Town where we ate in a SHINee Themed Restaurant (this SHALL have a separate post ^^)

Ebisu (that famous meeting place of Makino and Domyouji *coughs* Hana Yori Dango *coughs*),

Shibuya (to experience the ever-crowded Shibuya Crossing); Shibuya 109 where Trenta Store is (so we can by those caps worn by Lee Jinki of SHINee)


Hachiko Shrine

Johnny’s Family Club

In the evening, we went to Yomiura land. If you are a fan of SHINee and you keep track of their shows especially during their debut days in Japan, you’ll be familiar of that Japanese show where they went to an amusement park and rode that roller coaster while Jinki (Onew) was singing ‘Lucifer’. This is the place! n_n

Our last day in Tokyo is as busy as the first too. We went to the place where they shot the last scene in ‘Saigo no Yakusoku’ (Arashi’s anniversary movie) and then to Aqua City, Odaiba the place where the famous huge Gundam was, as well as the replica of Statue of Liberty and the Rainbow Bridge.


Hamburger steak with Omurice and Takoyaki

Inside the Divercity Mall is the Gundam Planet. Remember that One Fine Day of Jonghyun where he took a pic inside the Gundam Robot? This is it! ^^ There were also exhibits of Gundam everywhere that if you are an avid fun of mecha, this is a must visit for you…

Afterwards, we went to the FujiTV Building which is just near the Divercity Mall. We were lucky enough to watch a show being filmed outside with Dondake… Inside the building were different character shops as well as display posters of various shows of FujiTV. And yes, we do took a pic of VSArashi’s and NazoDi’s posters! xD

Next stop was the places related to two of my favorite Arashi members: Matsumoto Jun and Sakurai Sho… these are the Tokyo Tower (that J’s movie, remember?) and Keio University (the campus where Sho graduated)

And of course, this trip wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t go to the busy and vibrating streets of Harajuku! Don’t forget to bring extra money when visiting this place though. Aside from those tempting sweets along the way, there were also some souvenir shops and lots of stores where you can buy clothes, shoes and accessories at an affordable price.

So much for our two-day stay in Tokyo right? This wouldn’t be possible without my friend who was living in Tokyo for quite some time and the efficient subway system of Japan. Scheduling our train rides from one point to another is very much possible because of their public vehicles’ promptness.  Also, downloading apps like google maps, hyperdia are also helpful…

Hopefully the next time we visit the city again, we can chill a bit more… and we can spend the whole day in an amusement park.. xD




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