Japan 2014: Exploring Sapporo and Tokyo (Part 1)

For my first travel entry on this blog, I will be sharing my first ever (definitely not the last) trip to the land of the rising sun, Japan… As I’ve said on my previous post and probably you will notice in my latter blogs, that I usually combine fangirling and traveling. That is, attending concerts while enjoying the sceneries and delicacies of a foreign land.

My first travel to Japan is probably one of my most memorable travels as well. Since we went there around December, I was able to have my first ever winter experience. From Manila to Narita, it was around five hours of travel. And since our final destination was Sapporo (New Chitose Airport), we have to endure another hours of flight from Narita to Sapporo.

It was snowing heavily when we landed. We didn’t get to experience the airport much because my friend and her husband (who will be on the trip with me) was already waiting for us in our hotel.

We planned to see some sights the moment we arrived in Sapporo. Just after checking in and leaving our things in our room, we already went to one of the city’s known attraction, the clock tower.

The snow added some effects on my photos which I really like 🙂

We also went to Sapporo tower and checked on some nearby shops before finally having our first meal in the city: miso ramen and ikuradon (salmon roe on top of rice)

Second day in Sapporo was supposed to be Arashi’s concert day (i will be making a separate post about this ^^) but we still didn’t forget to check on the city. After buying official concert merchandise and queuing for scanning our penlights, we proceed to our tourist agenda! Below is a picture of the venue, the Sapporo Dome, one of the major domes in Japan where biggest stars usually perform.


Sapporo Dome taken from the side parking lot

We went to AkaRenga, which is the old government office of Hokkaido then had lunch at MatsuJin (sounds like MatsuJun right? XD)

Our last day in Sapporo was more of just touring around. We went to Okurayama, one of the venues of winter Olympics and also one of the famous ski places in Japan. The travel was a bit difficult especially it’s snowing hard.

We rode the chair lift to see the observatory on top of the mountain. There you can see most of Sapporo. Sadly, since it’s snowing hard, we can’t see much of the view. Inside the observatory, you can even buy refreshments… even ice cream! Who would want to have ice cream in this damn freezing cold? XD

Next stop was Shiroi Kobito/ Chocolate Factory… this is a must visit if you love sweets!

Sweets, sweets and more sweets! ^^

There is also some sort of museum inside Shiroi Koibito. You can see the evolution of some of the famous anime characters in Japan, a replica of how old houses looks like, some Beatles memorabilia, famous soccer players’ stuff (I just took a pic of David Beckham since he’s the one I’m most familiar with).

It was snowing hard still on our last day in Sapporo, and our lunch, vegetable curry soup is very compatible with this weather.


More of our first Japan escapades on my next post! This time, from our tour around Tokyo! ^^




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