And So I Welcome Myself Here…

I cannot actually remember when I created this wordpress account, but I do remember the reason why I made this – was to blog and share something personal about me… something more, more personal than what i usually write to my previous journal accounts… So here I am! ^^/
And right! by something personal, i would like to give you a glimpse of who I am first. You can call me TiNe (that’s ‘tee-ne’). i love listening to various genres of music, watching movies and series, browsing the net… I also love, LOVE to travel~ ^^
I am a fangirl… I’m an avid fan of SHINee and Arashi… as I love to travel, I also love attending converts and events involving my two favorite groups.
What could I be posting here? ANYTHING! I am a random person so maybe anything I can think of? From gathering to simple night-out with friends, my out of town to out of the country experiences, ramblings about work, family and friends, things I like, hobbies, ALL! This might even be my personal ranting outlet, who knows? (But I’ll try to avoid that as much as possible).
So that’s it! Hope everyone would enjoy reading through.

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